Thread: C and C++ pointers

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    C and C++ pointers

    Is there any difference btwn C and C++ pointers?Can someone explain to me the use of new and delete operators in C++?Thkx.

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    Not much difference. They are a variable that holds a memory address. It might be noted that changing the type of a pointer from a derived class to a base class in some cases may also change the value of the pointer (in the case of multiple base classes, for example) -- this is transparent to you as a programmer 99% of the time.

    new allocates memory. delete frees it. Example:
    std::string *s;
    s = new std::string();
    // use s
    delete s;
    s = new std::string[5]; // allocate an array of 5 strings.
    // use the array
    delete[] s; // You MUST pair delete[] with new[], and delete with new.
    new & delete handle the calling of constructors/destructors for classes.
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