Thread: copy string to header file

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    copy string to header file

    hi all,

    i need to write some information from xml file to some part of definition of header file

    so i read strings from xml (e.g. so i have string s ) and i need to copy those strings to some string in something.h

    is this possible?

    thank you


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    Erm... wanting that makes no sense at all. So you should really state what you want in stead of a bad solution on how you want it.

    Of course you can put a variable in a header file which you change in one source file and read (or change again) in another source file...

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    There are libraries that others have painstakingly perfected for this task, if that is of help. I am not trying to skirt helping you, but you are not wanting to implement a trivial feature in your program. You just have to do some grunt work and write a parser, if you want to do it by hand.

    I recommend using iostreams for your parsing.

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