Thread: cout not printing full string

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    cout not printing full string

    My programme reads a line from a text file using


    Each line in the file contains four fields, the numerical fields are right justified which means there will be a variable number of spaces between the fields. An example is
    80-09V 7.00 470632.30 419554.80

    Under certain circumstances the programme will detect an error and I want to display the line where the error occurred using cout in a console.

    If I do this with

    cout << read_record;

    only the first part of the line is displayed - up to the first space. How can I get cout to display the full string?

    Grateful for advice.

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    Try something like this.
    unsigned int ln = 1;
    while (in_file_stream1.good()) {
        in_file_stream1.getline(read_record, 255);
    if (in_file_stream1.eof()) {
        cout << "\nEnd of file reached.\n";
    } else if ( {
        cout << "\nError condition at line: " << ln << endl;

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    How's read_record defined? It would also be interesting to take a look at the read loop code.

    Meanwhile you can use in_file_stream1.eof(), and in_file_stream1.bad() to diagnose the possible error. Trying to output the stream with cout is not useful because chances are it is corrupted already.
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    Definition of read_record:

    char read_record[256]
    Loop structure:

    	while ((loop_check = in_file_stream1.peek()) != EOF )
    		in_file_stream1.getline(read_record,255); etc etc etc
    Within the loop there is a function to parse the read_record and do some calculations based on the different fields. The two last numerical fields are x and y map coordinates and the error I need to spot is if two consecutive records have the same x and y coordinates, because this will cause division by zero and crash the programme. The value of getting cout to print the whole line if this occurs, instead of just the line number, is that you can then paste the cout output into a text editor search box and go straight to the problem line.

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    std::string win;

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