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    Unhappy c++ OOP project ideas

    Hi ppl,

    I needed some ideas for this semester-end c++ OOP project that we have to submit. Please give me some ideas for a good project...while
    suggesting ,please keep the foll. in mind:

    * its a 1st level project (we have been doing c++ for about 2 months).. for 3 people..
    *the project should somehow be suitable for object oriented programming ..
    *please do not suggest database,paint editor,text editor or tetris
    clone (i'm tired of these suggestions) :-))

    thanx in advance..

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    object oriented game of battleship.

    There was a project posted not too long ago that was to set up a system for modeling traffic lights at an intersetion. It could be extended slightly to model traffic flow through a section of two (or more) sets of traffic lights. The point of the project is opitimize the number of cars passing through an intersection by adjusting the duration of the red and green lights.

    design a program to randomly build and solve mazes.

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    how about create a string class....

    using the existing functions in string.h

    strcmp, strcpy...

    Believe me building a string class can range from a small to as-large-as-you-want-to-make-it project......

    a string class could implement things like...

    overloading the operators =, ==, >, <, >=, <=, [], +=
    it could also perform functions such as

    Delete a substring
    Find a substring

    and many others.... but those are the fundamental operations and functions....

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    random maze

    that unreged persons idea about a program that generates random mazes and then solves them is a great idea, it would be fun with the AI you'd have to make.

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    What about a simulation of some creatures walking around in a world? For example: The creatures of type A eat creatures of type B and creatures of type B. The number of creatures of type B grows much faster than the creatures of type A. You can add some random nature disasters (earthquake, tornado) etc.

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