I am new to this board and is very inexperienced with C++ in general. I did some searching with regards to my problems but nothing has come up so far.

I am trying to create a WinForms application using VC++ 2008 express edition. It will be a simple interface with one button and one picturebox. When I click the button, the background program will continuously acquire data from a source, process such data and output a picture that is generated from the said data. This will continue on until i press the button again to tell it to stop.

I have seen some examples where people create a "new" bitmap file in memory, write all the pixels into the bitmap file, then output this bitmap file onto the screen.

My question is this: Would using the "picturebox" tool be sufficient? Do I just place the reference to the bitmap file in memory into this line after every frame:

this->pictureBox1->ImageLocation = ?

Or is there another entirely different tool that I may use for this purpose?

Thanks in advance for any input to this subject!