Thread: Newbie cast question

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    Newbie cast question

    Hi all,

    I have recently started to teach myself to program with C++ and have a question concerning casts.

    What is the difference between -

    i = sqrt(static_cast<double>(n))

    and -

    i = sqrt((double) n)

    Many thanks,


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    Google knows all

    First hit should give you your answer.

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    Sorry, I still don't understand. Can someone spell it out for me?

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    They are, in this particular use, the same. One is C++ style, the other is C style, but the result is the same.

    However, the C++ style cast family is more specific than the C style casts, and this allows better checking of various conditions where in C you can do really stupid things, in C++ the compiler tells you "that's not right".

    It is also easier (if you understand the C++ style casts) to see what is actually being done and whether it is (for example) a portable cast, or if it's going to potentially cause problems when porting to another architecture. For example
    char * p = (char *)x;
    doesn't really tell you much of what is done with x.

    On the other hand
    char *p = reinterpret_cats<char *>(x);
    is more clearly saying "we have some other type than char * in x". And it's very easy to search for reinterpret_cast, whilst a (char *) cast is quite dificult to find - particularly you want to find the other casts that translate to (int *) or (mystruct *).

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    Aha! I suspected as much. I tried substituting each type in a program and they seemed to do the same thing. Many thanks for your patience and the explanation.

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