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    Linking + size

    When you link a library in the linking settings and you will compile a file (not a project)
    that doesnt need this library, will it still compile the library with the file or only will do so if it needs it?

    Im asking this because if you have a few libraries set, it could raise both the size and the compile time.

    Im using codeblocks with VC 2008 and it doesnt seem to have augmented the size of the executable.
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    If you link it, then it will compile it. (I Think)
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    Yes thats what i thought too.

    Thats why its better to use pragma comment, that way you dont need to create a project for every little file you compile.
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    I suppose you can always test it out to be sure (add some extra libraries in your command line, see if the size changes). If you're linking statically, for whatever reason my belief was always that only the code you used was linked in.

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