Thread: Using Class Template in Visual C++

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    Using Class Template in Visual C++


    I wrote template which return matrix in Window Form Application .My template is below:

    template<class T>
        class matrix1 {
              T *data;
                const unsigned rows, cols, size;
                    matrix1(unsigned r, unsigned c) : rows(r), cols(c), size(r*c) {
              data = new T[size];
                ~matrix1() { delete data; }
                void setValue(unsigned row, unsigned col, T value) { 
                        data[(row*cols)+col] = value;
                T getValue(unsigned row, unsigned col) const {
                        return data[(row*cols)+col];
    I wrote this code in Main Project File in Windows Form Application.I defined 341*680 matrix with using this template :

    I used function that do operation on this template and I defined it like this:

    void function(matrix1<double> &b,array< double>^ temp)
    And call it:


    (temp is one dimensinonal data array that I have to use for my programming algorithm)

    For Example;When I want to print data that is located in the first row and first column.

    Visual C++ recognise getvalue and setvalue function ,but couldn't print anything and gave a lot of error interested with matrix1 template

    I tried this template and function on CLR Console Application and it worked.How could I do this On Windows Form Application.And Where should I locate template class on Windows Form Application.

    Best Regards...
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    gave a lot of error interested with array1 template
    Show us the array or array1 template

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    Also, match array forms of new and delete.
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