Thread: How to read drivetable.txt

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    How to read drivetable.txt


    I wanna read the file(drivetable.txt) and write into another file.It is content of System Volume Information folder.

    HANDLE hFile = CreateFile(
    			L"C:\\System Volume Information\\_restore{D66B84B7-13C4-40ED-9116-31C56638FDB0}\\drivetable.txt",
    					 GENERIC_READ,          // open for writing
    					 0,                              // do not share
    					 NULL,                        // default security
    					 OPEN_EXISTING,      // overwrite existing
    					 FILE_ATTRIBUTE_SYSTEM , //  file type 					 
    					 NULL);                  // no attr. template
    	if (hFile == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE) 
    		printf("Could not open file (error %d)\n", GetLastError());
    		goto lLabel;

    But the given code is not working....

    How I've to set the permissions read that file ?

    Thanking you

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    first, you say you want to read a file, but in your comments you say "// open for writing". also, you say "// overwrite existing" where these comments don't correspond to your code. if your comments are incorrect, it could be possible your actual code is also incorrect.

    next, what does "But the given code is not working...." mean? is your code compiling? is it getting to the 'createFile' line in your code? upon running that code, what happens? runtime error? does it get into the "hFile == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE" block? if it gets into this block, what is the error code/message? did you look this error code up on msdn? could tell us what error code and description you are receiving ? etc, etc

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