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    Multiple Function Return Types

    Hello people and sorry for the simple question:

    I am taking a Win32 API programming tutorial and have came across the following function definitions:

    int WINAPI WinMain

    Now, what i do not understand is the function definition. I know functions to be of similarity to the following:

    return-type function-name(args)
                // Some functional code
                return var;  // Where var is a value of type return-type

    Please tell me if I am wrong in that thinking. Now the functions i mentioned have two words where return-type should be: ????? Why is this . Does this mean that the function can return two values or that there must be some sort of typecasting. Please help me in this simple problem

    Thanks in advance for any help that you can offer,

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    I can't comment on returning a function as the WndProc() function seems to do, but when I use WinMain(), I return an integer, which is perfectly normal as the function type is int....
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    no, they dont' return two types., that is illegal.

    they're calling conventions. search MSDN for more information. i found it in about 2 minutes worth of googling (and i suck at googling)
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    No they have one return type. WINAPI is not a return type - it is a declaration of the calling convention. CALLBACK is another declaration of the calling convention.

    A calling convention is basically the "what goes where and who does what" agreement between the calling code and the callee (the target of the call). If you do not use the same calling convention, things go very wrong very quickly.

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