Thread: Any good example?

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    Any good example?


    I wanna to read and write data at same time.....

    Currently I do one at a time ,so one is idle while another one perform operation.

    So I use readfile() and writefile() windows functions.......

    Any good example available that use the above functions.... to read and write same time....

    thank u

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    From the same file? Because that doesn't make sense.

    Chances are you'll have a impossible if not extremely difficult task of getting them to run at the same time. Perhaps you're asking the wrong question?

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    I wanna read some data from one place to another place .....

    For example my source and destination are separate partitions .but bot are of same file systems(NTFS).

    Thanking you

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    You can't do anything at the same time with a single hard drive. You would need to be reading and writing to 2 separate hard drives, not partitions on the same drive.
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