Thread: overlapped I/O and multi threading

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    overlapped I/O and multi threading


    After reading some articles I'm getting confused with these topics....

    Actually both are same....? both are using for same purpose ?

    Which is the fastest one .?

    what is the difference between overlapped I/O and multi threading

    with regards

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    "overlapped I/O" is Microsoft's version of "asynchronous I/O," which is sending/receiving data transmissions and then not having the calling process wait for them to complete.
    Multithreading is the use of more than one (possibly) independent parts of a program simultaneously. Asynchronous I/O probably can be implemented using threads, because something has to complete the transmission while the caller moves on, right?
    Anyway, there's my semi-informed explanation.
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    Threads are a tool with very broad applications. Waiting for I/O to complete while the main thread continues is one of them.

    Asynchronous I/O has very narrow applications, specifically waiting for I/O to complete while the main thread continues. On the other hand, it's better at them than threads. It's also generally easier and less error-prone to use.
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