Thread: include <iostream> appearing red

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    include <iostream> appearing red

    Hi, i'm very new to programming and i was following along with the tutorial on this site, and i was trying to compile and run this code.

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    int main()
      cout<<"HEY, you, I'm alive! Oh, and Hello World!\n";
    the <iostream>, as well as the parts in "quotes" appears red. what does it appearing in red mean?

    i'm using Visual Studio atm. And i've been looking around but i can't find any info about it.

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    Syntax highlighting.

    Our conditioning leads us to assume that anything red is bad.
    	if (a) do { f( b); } while(1);
    	else   do { f(!b); } while(1);

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    thanks for the reply, i figured it was something simple like that-now that i finally got it working

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    If you go into the options you can change the colors VS uses to highlight syntax. I think the defaults are fine though.

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