Thread: Recording console window output to a text file?

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    Wink Recording console window output to a text file?

    I have a question about recording the output of a C++ win32 console application.

    I'm using visual C++ and would like to know if there is a simple or standard way to record everything your program outputs in the console into a text file?

    Will I need to write functions to do the file handling, or is there already built in capability, or any existing code out there for handling this exact purpose?

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    "c:\myprog.exe > c:\textfile.txt" w/o quotes

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    Open an output file, and mirror what you output to the screen with the same thing that outputs to the file:
    cout<< someVar <<"Text"<<endl;
    FOUT<< someVar <<"Text"<<endl;

    That's the easiest way, not elegant by any means but it works.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Thanks, thats just what I needed.

    Originally posted by Brian
    "c:\myprog.exe > c:\textfile.txt" w/o quotes

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