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    Stale Symbol File Problem


    I added a public function to a class, built the source files, and tried to debug the resulting executable. The problem I found was that the new symbol file does not contain the added function. I am using WinDbg 6.8.0003.0 x64 version. I set the symbol path correctly so that the path always contains a newly created symbol file. I thought that 1) WinDbg might be using a cached (stale) symbol file, or 2) MSBUILD I use to build the project might be using old binaries to build the symbol file.

    For 2), I deleted all the files produced and stored under the subfolder of the %OBJECT_ROOT% folder, deleted the old symbol file, and then tried to rebuild the symbol file, but all the attempts have failed.

    By the way, I looked up if the new function was added by doing "X MODULENAME!CLASSNAME*" in WinDbg. This outputted the old functions fine, but the new function never showed.

    Has anyone experienced this before? Thanks!
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    Seems rather familiar. I think what used to happen to me was that WinDbg would hold the symbol file open, and prevent visual studio from writing the .PDB file.

    Solution is to make sure that WinDbg is closed (or at least symbols unloaded) before you build the code.

    Of course, your problem MAY be different - and my memory isn't precise enough to remember all details of something I did 4-5 years back.

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