Thread: Inline Definitions and Declarations?

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    Inline Definitions and Declarations?

    Hey programmers of C Board
    I have a question about inline functions. If I declare a function inline, do I have to define it as inline also? I'll demonstrate:

    class Someclass
        inline void vSomeFunc();
    ...and in my .cpp file I have:

    inline void SomeClass::vSomeFunc()
        std::cout << "Some output" << std::endl;
    ... so in my source file, do I need to define the function vSomeFunc as inline if I have already declared it as inline?

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    1) The compiler needs to see the definition of an inline function. You need to put the implementation into the header file.

    2) Once a function is declared inline once, it sticks. Redeclarations won't change that. Declare a function first non-inline and then inline, however, and it becomes inline. Define a function non-inline, and then declare it inline, and the program is ill-formed, as per Core Issue 317.
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