Thread: Forward declaration with g++

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    Forward declaration with g++

    In class filter.h, I have the following forward declarations

    template<class T> //Forward declaration due to circular dependency
    class Agc;
    class FixPt;
    class QuantizerCmplx;
    template<class T>
    class Quantizer;

    I get the following errors while compiling with g++.

    ../source/filter.h: In member function ‚int FarrowFilter<T>::filter_quantize()‚:
    ../source/filter.h:1837: error: invalid use of undefined type ‚struct QuantizerCmplx‚
    ../source/filter.h:12: error: forward declaration of ‚struct QuantizerCmplx‚

    How do I solve this problem? It compiles fine with VC++


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    Please use code tags. It makes your post so much easier to read.
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    Lemme guess, rather than insert [code][/code] tags, you decided to do the bone-headed thing and remove all the braces instead, just to stop the board complaining at you.

    Great, now what you posted it utterly meaningless.
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    It basically says that there is something on line 1837 that requires the full definition of QuantizerCmplx for which a forward declaration alone is not enough.
    I might be wrong.

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    The last time I tried to forward declare a template class I failed. I'll bet it has something to do w/that.

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