Thread: How to convert string into LPCWSTR

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    How to convert string into LPCWSTR


    How can I convert string into LPCWSTR

     struct FILELIST  
     string path;
     vector<string> theList;
    string path
    list<FILELIST>& theList
    struct _finddatai64_t data; 
          string fname = path + "\\*.*";
          long h = _findfirsti64(fname.c_str(),&data);    //_findfirsti64(string,)
    //here I wanna convert string to LPCWSTR  ....
    //using the LPCWSTR  I've to open the file using Createfile()
    I've changed string to wstrig ,that time _findfirsti64() must have string argument...!!

    any idea....

    Thanking you..

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    1) Call CreateFileA().

    2) Convert your string from whatever encoding it is in (presumably ASCII or UTF-8) to UTF-16. You can use MultiByteToWideChar() to accomplish this. Call it first with the last two arguments set to NULL and 0, respectively, and it will give you a buffer size. Allocate that buffer, call it again but passing the buffer, and you've got an LPWSTR. Then call CreateFileW(). Don't forget to free your memory.
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    Use a vector<WCHAR> if you convert yourself. But using CreateFileA is a better idea.
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