Thread: conversion error?

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    Question conversion error?

    Megatron says..........hoping not to bother anyone too much with his dumb questions...........

    why do i get a possible loss of data warning on this

    float overtime1 = base * 1.5;
    float overtime2 = base * 2.0;

    at this point in the program there are already values entered for base
    the warning also says "convrting double into float"
    but ive never ever even declared a double in my program

    these arent actually errors but the compiler issues a warning
    but ive been told never to ignore a warning any ways thanks for any help i recieve

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    1.5 and 2.0 are doubles. 1.5f and 2.0f are floats.

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    A constant literal such as 1.4 or 2.5 are considered double by the compiler, you can either declare your overtime variables as double or cast the literals.
    float overtime1 = base * (float)1.5;
    float overtime1 = base * 1.5f;

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    Floating point constants are by default doubles

    float overtime1 = base * 1.5f;

    The 'f' suffix to 1.5 should make it a float constant

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    thanks alot you dont even know how much i get that
    not no more though

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