Thread: get application data folder path

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    get application data folder path

    Hi everybody!

    I need to find the path to the application data folder. So I use the function SHGetFolderPath with the CSID: CSIDL_APPDATA

    Here is my code

    #include <iostream>
    #include <sstream>
    #include <Windows.h> // for MAX_PATH
    #include <shlobj.h> // for getFolderPath function
    using namespace std;
    // Convert TCHAR to string
    std::string TcharsToString(TCHAR const * scz)
        #ifdef UNICODE
        std::ostringstream ossA;
        ossA << scz;
        return ossA.str();
        return scz;
    int _tmain(int argc, _TCHAR* argv[])
    	cout << "Get Application Data"<< endl;
    	string path="";
    	TCHAR szPath[MAX_PATH];
    		path = TcharsToString(szPath);
    	cout << path << endl;
    	return 0;
    The problemm is that the string "path" contains series of characters with numbers like "0012FD24"

    But normally, I would rather have a string like "C:\documents and settings\user\... , no?

    Is there a problem with the conversion TCHAR -> String?

    So, How could I have the path in return?

    Thanks in advance for your answers

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    Does SHGetFolderPath() take care of null-termination for the TCHAR*? Is ostringstream overloaded for TCHAR*? I'm on a linux system right now, so I can't poke around.

    What is you exact output?
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    My exact output is


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    SHGetFolderPath is a Win32 api : you can ask on Win32 api group for the official code (MS internal...)

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    I'm fairly sure the OP is calling SHGetFolderPath correctly. However, I highly doubt that std:stringstream is overloaded for TCHAR * -- how could it be, since it's templated on char? (And TCHAR != char if Unicode is defined.)

    OP: Why do you want to convert to a char */std::string? What character set do you expect the output in the char * to be?
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