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    Getting Started

    I would like to know what would be the best way to get started. I am very much a beginner, although I have done some Python programming.

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    Well C++ is a difficult language to learn as a beginner's language. I suggest you read a book that allows you to understand more about programming in general so you can get an idea about memory management, design and more. If you still feel like your ready, I suggest getting a C++ book yet again. But most of these don't teach you the basics of mid-level language like this and assumes you understand it already.

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    I know it sounds retro, but learn qbasic. Knowing how that works will get you ready to start a higher level language. A popular learning sequence from non programmer to object oriented coding is qbasic->pascal/korel->c/c++. Thats what I did in early high school.

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    Do some more python programming then, until you're very familiar with all it has to offer.
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