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    Audio Processing

    Hi Guys,

    I'm doing a project about audio processing in c++. It shall provide some easy functions such as taking audio input from a microphone and detects its pitch and volume etc.

    As I'm new to this area, I'm wondering if there's any good tutorials for it. And if anyone can give me some suggestions about where to start.

    Many thanks!

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    What OS / Compiler?
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    I aim to develop it on Windows XP and using Visual C++.

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    You can record .WAV files with DirectSound. .WAV files are relatively simple to process in your own software (there's a small header containing some information about the recorded format, such as sampling frequency, bits per sample, whether it is stereo or mono, etc, the rest of the file is the actual audio data.

    Whether you can also "record to a buffer", rather than a file, I don't know.

    Figuring the frequency is a case of FFT or similar functions.

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    FMOD does this and I found it pretty easy to use. Only problem is, you can't sell a product with this unless you pay up.

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