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    Exclamation Text Font Colors & Size

    Okay, here is my probelm. Here is an example of code

    cout<< "Hello and welcome to my program, bla bla bla la de da.";
    On the program it would look like.

    Hello andwelcome to my program, bla bla bla le de da.

    How do I make it look more like,

    Hello and welcome to my program, bla bla bla la de da.

    Is it possible in C++? Or do I need to go strait into something else for this to work??

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    The C++ standard doesn't deal with fonts, colour and such things. That is because the standard is meant to work on just about any system.

    Now, given a particular system, there is PROBABLY a way for code on that system to say "I want bigger, yellowish brown text" rather than the standard one. Unfortunately, it is not very likely to happen via cout, and it won't work the same on a Linux system as it does on a Windows system.

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