I am currently learning about cursers, and after doing a bit of research downloaded a PDcurser library. Those that know CodeBlocks will know that it uses a plugin Lib Finder to add libraries. I read the manual to find out how to do this. This is where I hit a snag. This is what the manual says:

Currently LibFinder can search for wxWidgets 2.6/2.8,
CodeBlocks SDK and GLFW the list will be extended in future.

To get more details on how to add library support into LibFinder,
read src/plugins/contrib/lib finder/lib finder/readme.txt
in CodeBlocks sources.

Firstly, I am not to sure what "wxWidgets 2.6/2.8,
CodeBlocks SDK and GLFW " is! And what makes its libraries different from the one that I downloaded from SourceForce. Any help on expanding my understanding will be greatly appreciated!!!

Secondly, I checked out Codeblocks's site but the administration deleted the "src/plugins/contrib/lib finder/lib finder/readme.txt" link. Help in finding this file or how to add libraries will also be greatly appreciated!!