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    The next C standard (dubbed C1x) will adopt it, most likely without any changes from C++0x, unless there are errata by that point.
    Heh, compilers need to finish adopting the existing C standard before we come out with another one.

    Anways, thanks for the info CornedBee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CornedBee View Post
    The next C standard (dubbed C1x) ...
    Can you provide some links about this? I'm very interested.

    EDIT: Here's what I've found:
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    Not direct evidence - it simply came up every now and then in my tracking of the evolution of C++0x. But here's an interesting paper: a submission to the C working group justifying a part of the C++ memory model.
    N1315: Rationale for the C++ working paper definition of "memory location".
    As it says in the introduction, members of the C/C++ liaison group had voiced concerns about the way C++ defines this.
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