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    I got a class student.

    And a vector<student> listOfStudents.

    Wanted to ask,which is best way to store this vector.

    vector<student> listOfStudents;   //method A
    vector<student*> listOfStudents;   //method B
    Which of the ways is the best way?method a or method b?

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    It depends on the class student.

    The first options is usually the best place to start, but if student is a base class, or if it is expensive or illegal to copy, then the second option might be better.

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    If you're gonna store pointers, you might as well store smart pointers.
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    There is no way that can be answered for the specific case without giving the definition of student.
    I mean it could be a typedef for short for all we know...

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    if student has no polymorphic methods and a default constructor, storing student by value may be a good option. else, store by pointer.

    if you have the option to do either, the best option depends on the usage context.

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