Thread: simple snmp console application.

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    simple snmp console application.

    I need to write a simple snmp get application that gets info from a device based on 4 different OID's and then stores them in a file. txt file is fine. logging every 10 mins or so. The core application and structure is simple, but i cannot find any documentation as to how to set ut a simple snmpget using c++

    I have found a lot of info on the subject on the net but al of it seems to be far to complex for my needs. and also far above my programming skills. I have looked at using snmp-net and doing somthing like system("snmpget -c public sysDescr.0") but it gives me limited options in how to log the info. Especialy since in face two i have to get some GPS data into the mix aswell.

    For now any pointers on how i can go about doing this would be great. I dont mind just some pointers, and i can do the legwork. But most of the stuff i find googeling the subject is way overkill. Ohh the application has to run on a Win XP boks.

    Never mind i got it now.

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