Thread: Need help with a strange for-loop problem

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    Question Need help with a strange for-loop problem


    I have a really really strange problem with a for loop. Let me show you my code first:

    if(size == 2){
       MessageBox(hwnd, "2", "size", MB_OK);
    for(long c = 0; (c < size) && (flag); c++){
       //loop body
       //there is a prompt
    The strange thing here, is that my size is really 2, as the MessageBox will appear, but the for loop only runs one time, and the flag == false prompt does not show (i.e. the for loop isn't stopped by the flag). Even more strangely, if I hard code (c < 2) instead of (c < size), then it works very fine.

    Anyone knows what's the problem? By the way I'm using Dev-C++ 4.

    Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: Does it help if I tell that my whole project consists of >1300 lines? Does it matter?
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    Try showing a small but complete sample of code that illustrates your problem.

    My guess is that your actual code is doing something different from the code you've posted here.

    One of the common joys of paraphrasing (i.e. telling us where you think the problem is, rather than posting real code that exhibits your problem) is that your description often excludes the cause of your actual problem.

    It shouldn't matter that your project consists of > 1300 lines - although that is not an invitation to post that code here. Do some work to produce the small but complete example that illustrates your problem.

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    You should at least show the loop. Best guess with no information whatsoever: your for-loop (re)sets flag inside it somewhere.

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    It sounds like you're changing size inside your loop

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    Somehow I forgot to look for if I have changed "size" in the loop, I only looked for any change in "c" and "flag". I'll check it later (since it's late at night in local time already). Thanks for you guys' help anyway.

    Many thanks.

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