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    Question method returning a pointer to a structure

    I am quite new to C++ (but no to programming or OOP) so, I have some questions specific to C++ syntax, etc I hope you can help me as you did when I was trying to learn C

    I have a Class like: (I am using the C based openCV library)
    (IplImage is a structure so I want to get returned a pointer to the structure created inside each method, This would have perfect sense in Objective-C)
    #include "cv.h" 
    #include "highgui.h"
    class CylindricalWarper{
    	float fx,fy; //focal lenght
    	float cx,cy; //optical center
    	float k1,k2; //radial distorition coeficients
    	void InitInstance(CString cameraString);
    	IplImage * CorrectDistortion(IplImage *image);
    	IplImage * CylindricalWarp(IplImage *undistorted);
    And My questions are
    1. Do I need a SuperClass? (ie: class CylindricalWarper:Warper{... )or is up to me?
    and what is the most basic Class (which all objects inherit from) in C++

    2. When I compile it I got two errors: error C2440: 'initializing' : cannot convert from 'void *' to 'IplImage *'
    Each one in the first line inside CorrectDistortion method and CylindricalWarp method.
    I think it is not just like C when you write something like
    IplImage * correctDistortion(IplImage *);
    What is the correct way?

    3. What is the meaning and what is used for the word "virtual" ?

    Any response would be very appreciated.

    PD: this task could be accomplished without classes but just for learning purposes I decided to make such a class
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    1. There is no C++ analogue to Object or whatever; there is no overarching base class that everything is a member of.

    2. Are you asking whether you need a superclass (which is what you say) or a constructor (which is what you show)?

    3. In C++ you must cast all your pointers explicitly from void * to whatever *; it doesn't happen automatically.

    4. virtual means "this function might be overridden by an inheriting class, so check first".

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    pretty fast!,
    to tabstop:
    For 1 and 2, I meant when writting the definition of the class:
    I don't need to specify what class is inheriting from? (I mean if is mandatory or not... it seems not to be mandatory right?)

    I just got this part from a MFC project I am doing and as you see CAAboutDlg is inheriting from CDialog, that is why I asked if all the classes I make should have a parent?

    class CAboutDlg : public CDialog
    // Dialog Data
    	enum { IDD = IDD_ABOUTBOX };
    	virtual void DoDataExchange(CDataExchange* pDX);    // DDX/DDV support
    // Implementation
    3 I just solved the error, sorry it was an opencv library usage mistake, so not regarding c++
    4 thanks this is very clear now
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    There is no underlying "base" class that all classes must inherit from in C++ as tabstop said. In MFC, classes like CDialog are provided as "foundations" that allow the programmer to build upon them instead of working straight from the ground up, hence the inheritance.
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