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    I use maps...But i wanted the map to be sorted in decreasing order of the key value... wat spiece of code should i add to change the comparator to the following
    multimap<double,long long int> mymap;
      multimap<double,long long int>::iterator it;

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    The third template parameter to (multi)map is the comparison object. You can use std::greater.

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    S i know that third is its keycomparator...but i am not sure of gthe way to add it in the code...It gives me error...
    can u just give me the snippet of how the declaration would look like

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    Off the top of my head, it's probably
    std::multimap<type_key, type_value, std::greater<type> >
    long time; /* know C? */
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    Are you sure you even need to do that?
    You can iterate over the container from rbegin() to rend(), which might be enough in your circumstances.

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