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    Question errors

    hey guys can some body help me with this program coz when compile it theirs to many errors or can apply printf statement to it
    int main ()
    double amount,
            <<"Amount on deposit""<<end1;
            for(int year<=10;year++){
                    return 0;

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    1) You need a semi-colon at the end of your double declaration.

    2) Most of the cin/cout stuff is in std. use std::cout (for example), or do a using namespace std; outside & before your main() function.

    3) for() has three parts: for(initial_statement; test_condition; after_each_loop) -- you're missing the middle one.
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    start by adding a ; after the rate = 0.5

    see what happens.

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    hey thanks mate i've found what was missing on the for loop .the middle part which is'year<=10'.

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    looks like i have miss out many things in this program now i have to run it again.thanks for your help .

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