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    dear friend i have one question in c program and i want your help today if you can. because i have to giving back this program tomorrow thank you very much... maryam...

    There is an independent snow removal service company that charged their work based on every square feet they remove the snow. They require a calculator that could calculate the wage. They charged $2.50 per square feet to remove snow. In order to determine the area, it takes the length and width of the house rectangular yard and the length and the width of a house situated in the yard. Your program should compute the area to remove the snow and its charges. They system also able to keep record on how many house the company has serves for that day and the total amount collected by the end of the day. It should be printed in a log.txt

    Hint: Use sentinel-controlled loop.

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    So, what have you done so far? Show us that you are working on it, and we will help you solve the problem.

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    Off topic: Does anyone remove snow from their yards? I would think they'd be more concerned about the snow on their driveways.
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