Thread: How to build, run Boland C++ 6 source file via VS2005?

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    Question How to build, run Boland C++ 6 source file via VS2005?

    How to load/build/run Boland C++ 6 pro source file via Visual studio 2005 pro ?
    I download winSCP source file, and want to read and study the souce code.
    i can't find *.sln file.

    This is the README file for source code package of WinSCP.(R.4.19)

    To build full version of WinSCP you need Borland C++ Builder 6 Professional.
    You can build version without FTP support with Borland C++ Builder 6 Personal.
    To build 64-bit version of drag&drop shell extension, you need
    Windows Platform SDK.

    To build WinSCP from source by yourself, type 'make' in root
    folder of source code package (directory where 'makefile' file resides).
    To build version without FTP support, use 'make -DNO_FILEZILLA'.
    To build also 64-bit version of drag&drop, use 'make -DWITH_DRAGEXT64'.
    However before you need to set some environment variables.
    Refer to makefile.dragext64.

    Directory structure:
    / project files of all native libraries and executables
    /components native WinSCP visual components
    /console console interface
    /core core (non-visual) part of WinSCP (SSH, SFTP, FTP and SCP code)
    /dragext drag&drop shell extension
    /filezilla source code of FileZilla FTP client
    /forms visual part of WinSCP (dialogs and windows)
    /lib this is where linked libraries are stored during build
    /packages general visual components (both mine and 3rd party)
    /putty source code of Putty SSH client
    /release Inno Setup script to create setup package (see /release/readme)
    /resource resources strings
    /windows other sources

    WinSCP homepage is WinSCP
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    The short answer is just create an empty project and drop all the source and header files in it.

    The longer answer
    WinSCP :: Support Forum :: Visual Studio .NET
    is to perhaps contribute to the project by producing a new build target for the project.
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    Oh, thank you!
    From the WinSCP forum, the case is a very low priority.
    Any way i will try more.

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