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    RPG making tut

    is here some site/place which helps with making RPG game like anything from advices and tuts to actual source codes

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    Well, I guess everybody has gotta try it for themselves to learn...
    Well, try googleing RPG Maker, and you should find a RPG WYSIWYG editor that allows Ruby scripting
    Currently research OpenGL

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    I did find someone a long time ago that made videos of how he made a simple text RPG, and he released the code.
    I haven't had a good look at it or anything, but it looks alright.
    But to learn to make an RPG, it becomes quite self-explanatory as you understand programming more and more, just like any game. A book or tutorials on making certain games aren't going to teach you much IMO, which is why I reccommend you program until you think your ready.

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