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    Edit code please

    The following code asks the user to enter a GIF file name and then it'll show it; i want it so I can enter the GIF place; make it so i enter the filename instead


    //256 COLOR GIF ONLY

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <conio.h>
    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <dos.h>
    struct GIFHeader {
    char Signature [7];
    unsigned int ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight;
    unsigned char Depth, Background, Zero;
    struct GIFDescriptor {
    char Separator;
    unsigned int ImageLeft, ImageTop, ImageWidth, ImageHeight;
    unsigned char Depth;

    char far *Screen = (char far *)0xA0000000L;
    //For loading from the file
    FILE *GIFFile;
    unsigned int BPointer;
    unsigned char Buffer [257];
    //GIF data is stored in blocks of a certain size
    unsigned char BlockSize;
    //For loading the code
    unsigned char CodeSize;
    char BitsIn;
    unsigned char Temp;
    unsigned int X, Y, tlX, tlY, brX, brY;
    //The string table
    unsigned int Prefix [4096];
    unsigned char Suffix [4096];

    //This sets the display to VGA 320x200 in 256 colours
    void VGAScreen ()
    asm {
    mov ax, 0x13
    int 0x10

    //This resets the display to text mode
    void TextScreen ()
    asm {
    mov ax, 0x3
    int 0x10

    //This sets a DAC register to a specific Red Green Blue-value
    void SetDAC(unsigned char DAC, unsigned char R, unsigned char G, unsigned char B)
    outportb (0x3C8, DAC);
    outportb (0x3C9, R);
    outportb (0x3C9, G);
    outportb (0x3C9, B);

    //This sets one pixel on the screen
    void PutPixel (unsigned int x, unsigned int y, unsigned char c)
    Screen [(y << 8) + (y << 6) + x] = c;

    //Function to read from the buffer
    unsigned char LoadByte ()
    //Read next block}
    if (BPointer == BlockSize) {
    fread (Buffer, BlockSize + 1, 1, GIFFile);
    BPointer = 0;

    //Return byte
    return Buffer [BPointer++];

    //Procedure to read the next code from the file
    unsigned int ReadCode ()
    int Counter;
    unsigned int Code;

    Code = 0;
    //Read the code, bit by bit
    for (Counter = 0; Counter < CodeSize; Counter++) {
    //Maybe, a new byte needs to be loaded with a further 8 bits
    if (++BitsIn == 9) {
    Temp = LoadByte ();
    BitsIn = 1;

    //Add the current bit to the code
    if (Temp & 1) Code += 1 << Counter;
    Temp >>= 1;
    return Code;

    //Procedure to draw a pixel
    void NextPixel (unsigned int c)
    //Actually draw the pixel on screen
    PutPixel (X, Y, c & 255);

    //Move to next row, if necessary
    if (++X == brX) {
    X = tlX;

    //Local function to output a string. Returns the first character.
    unsigned char OutString (unsigned int CurCode)
    unsigned int OutCount;
    unsigned char OutCode [1024];

    //If it's a single character, output that
    if (CurCode < 256) {
    NextPixel (CurCode);
    } else {
    OutCount = 0;

    //Store the string, which ends up in reverse order
    do {
    OutCode [OutCount++] = Suffix [CurCode];
    CurCode = Prefix [CurCode];
    } while (CurCode > 255);

    //Add the last character
    OutCode [OutCount++] = CurCode;

    //Output all the string, in the correct order
    do {
    NextPixel (OutCode [--OutCount]);
    } while (OutCount);
    //Return 1st character
    return CurCode;

    //This actually loads the GIF
    void LoadGIF (char *Filename)
    //For loading from the GIF file
    struct GIFHeader Header;
    struct GIFDescriptor Descriptor;

    //Colour information
    unsigned char BitsPerPixel,
    unsigned int DAC;
    unsigned char Palette [256][3];

    //For indexing the string table
    unsigned int FirstFree, FreeCode;

    //All the code information
    unsigned char InitCodeSize;
    unsigned int Code, OldCode, MaxCode;

    //Special codes
    unsigned int ClearCode, EOICode;

    //Check whether the GIF file exists, and open it
    GIFFile = fopen (Filename, "rb");
    if (GIFFile == 0) {
    TextScreen ();
    printf ("Could not open file %s", Filename);

    //Read header
    fread (&Header, 6, 1, GIFFile);
    Header.Signature [6] = 0;
    fread (&Header.ScreenWidth, sizeof (Header) - 7, 1, GIFFile);

    //Check signature and terminator
    if ((strcmp (Header.Signature, "GIF87a")
    && strcmp (Header.Signature, "GIF89a"))
    || Header.Zero) {
    TextScreen ();
    printf ("Not a valid GIF file\n");

    //Get amount of colours in image
    BitsPerPixel = 1 + (Header.Depth & 7);
    NumOfColours = (1 << BitsPerPixel) - 1;

    //Load global colour map
    fread (Palette, 3, (NumOfColours + 1), GIFFile);
    for (DAC = 0; DAC <= NumOfColours; DAC++)
    SetDAC (DAC, Palette [DAC][0] >> 2,
    Palette [DAC][1] >> 2,
    Palette [DAC][2] >> 2);

    //Load the image descriptor
    fread (&Descriptor, sizeof (Descriptor), 1, GIFFile);

    if (Descriptor.Separator != ',') {
    TextScreen ();
    printf ("Incorrect image descriptor.\n");

    //Get image corner coordinates
    tlX = Descriptor.ImageLeft;
    tlY = Descriptor.ImageTop;
    brX = tlX + Descriptor.ImageWidth;
    brY = tlY + Descriptor.ImageHeight;

    //Some restrictions apply
    if (Descriptor.Depth & 128) {
    TextScreen ();
    printf ("Local colour maps not supported\n");
    if (Descriptor.Depth & 64) {
    TextScreen ();
    printf ("Interlaced images not supported\n");

    //Get initial code size
    fread (&CodeSize, 1, 1, GIFFile);

    //GIF data is stored in blocks, so it's necessary to know the size
    fread (&BlockSize, 1, 1, GIFFile);

    //Start loader
    BPointer = BlockSize;

    //Special codes used in the GIF spec
    ClearCode = 1 << CodeSize; //Code to reset
    EOICode = ClearCode + 1; //End of file

    //Initialize the string table
    FirstFree = ClearCode + 2; //Strings start here
    FreeCode = FirstFree; //Strings can be added here

    //Initial size of the code and its maximum value
    InitCodeSize = ++CodeSize;
    MaxCode = 1 << CodeSize;

    BitsIn = 8;

    //Start at top left of image
    X = Descriptor.ImageLeft;
    Y = Descriptor.ImageTop;

    do {
    //Read next code
    Code = ReadCode ();

    //If it's an End-Of-Information code, stop processing
    if (Code == EOICode) break;
    //If it's a clear code...
    else if (Code == ClearCode) {
    //Clear the string table
    FreeCode = FirstFree;

    //Set the code size to initial values
    CodeSize = InitCodeSize;
    MaxCode = 1 << CodeSize;

    //The next code may be read
    Code = ReadCode ();
    OldCode = Code;

    //Set pixel
    NextPixel (Code);
    //Other codes
    } else {
    /*If the code is already in the string table, it's string is displayed,
    and the old string followed by the new string's first character is
    added to the string table.*/
    if (Code < FreeCode)
    Suffix [FreeCode] = OutString (Code);
    else {
    /*If it is not already in the string table, the old string followed by
    the old string's first character is added to the string table and
    Suffix [FreeCode] = OutString (OldCode);
    NextPixel (Suffix [FreeCode]);

    //Finish adding to string table
    Prefix [FreeCode++] = OldCode;

    //If the code size needs to be adjusted, do so
    if (FreeCode >= MaxCode && CodeSize < 12) {
    MaxCode <<= 1;

    //The current code is now old
    OldCode = Code;
    } while (Code != EOICode);

    //Close the GIF file
    fclose (GIFFile);

    void main (int argcount, char *argvalue[])
    char FileName [80];

    //Check if a filename was passed as a parameter, otherwise ask for one
    if (argcount > 1) {
    strcpy (FileName, argvalue [1]);
    } else {
    printf ("Enter filename:");
    gets (FileName);

    //Switch to graphics screen
    VGAScreen ();
    //Load GIF file
    LoadGIF (FileName);
    //Wait for keypress
    getch ();
    //Switch back to text mode
    TextScreen ();

    #if _emo
      #define stereo_type_i_dislike

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    in main() say
    int main()
    in loadgif make sure for every directory you have double slashes

    as simple as that

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    LoadGIF("C:/CrapPicture.bmp"); Will also work

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    It never worx: can you be a lil more specific on how to do it?
    #if _emo
      #define stereo_type_i_dislike

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