Thread: Power Loops

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    Power Loops

    Is there any way of retaining the ability to move the cursor around (in a console window) while for example a FOR loop is running ?

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    Sure, you can place your equivalent of gotoxy inside the loop, but what exactly do you want to do?

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    just put a 'gotoxy' in your for...loop, so it updated the cursor ever time it goes through the for loop each time

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    The cursor movement is coming from the user,
    that would pause my for loop (waiting for the input)

    I need it the for loop to be "way" in the background,
    like while it's running, allow the user to input a key
    keep looping.

    ....a little tougher now....

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    well this is the similar question going around in the C++ game tread in C++ forum. The problem is running a part of the program when the program is waiting for a input..

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    A program can't do two things at the same time...

    So you have to use 'Threads', but they are not Standard C++
    Hope you don't mind my bad english, I'm Austrian!

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