Thread: Logical Operators in C++

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    Logical Operators in C++

    Hi everyone,

    In C# there is a difference between logical (& |) and conditional (&& ||) boolean operators. The conditional operators (AND &&) and (OR ||) only evaluate the right operand if the left operand evalutes to TRUE or FALSE respectively.

    Are there also two kinds of boolean operators in C++ or are there only && and ||? And if so, are these just plain logical (i.e. both operands are always evaluated regardless of the value of the first one) or are they conditional?

    Thanks for the help,

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    It's the same.
    I might be wrong.

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    It's all the same.
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    Behavior's the same, but the names are different. && and || (and !) are the logical operators. & and | are bitwise operators, and they just happen to be usable for eager logical connection of booleans, too.
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    Thanks for the prompt answers, guys.

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