Thread: Input a Hex number and output hex number to a text field

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    Input a Hex number and output hex number to a text field

    Ok, I am total newb at programming but learning as I go. This is not homework. I am building a simple gui to show hex and bin values of certain buffers.

    I have a function that returns a hex value, say 81, as a unsigned char. I want to take this value and write it out to a text box. The text box requires it to be a string array. What I am doing:

    InputPacketBuffer[1] = 0x81;

    String^ TestTagText = Convert::ToString(InputPacketBuffer[1]);
    TagData->Text = TestTagText;

    In the text box I get 129, which is the decimal representation of 81h. Any ideas on how to keep the displayed value as 81 and not 129?

    Any tips or direction is much appreciated. Ultimately I need this to display HEX and BIN representation of the buffers, just need a nudge in the right direction to get me moving.

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    That looks like C# (or perhaps "Managed C++"?).

    If you want a C++ solution, I'd suggest using stringstream and the stream modifier hex.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matsp View Post
    That looks like C# (or perhaps "Managed C++"?).
    More like Mangled C++?
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    You could use
    String::Format("x", InputPacketBuffer[1]);

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    Awesome guys/gals...Thank you. It is mangled C++. I am learning C and C++ as I go on this project. I feel like a monkey just mashing buttons, hoping something will come out right.

    I am just Electrical Engineer that has only done board designs previously. First time doing a project from front to back. HW, FW, and SW...good times.

    EDIT: Since I never see follow ups on what worked, I thought I would post it incase some searches and needs the same. Here is what I got to work:

    String^ TestTagText = String::Format( "{0:X}", InputPacketBuffer[1] );

    Thanks again for the help!
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