Thread: Loosing inherted data members. Trying Downcasting.

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    Loosing inherted data members. Trying Downcasting.

    I am having trouble with I believe Downcasting.

    There are two classes, a base class and an inherited class.

    What I'm trying to do is store refernces to the two mixed classes within a single list

    but when I push the reference to the object into the list, it looses it's non base class datamembers

    I believe I need to Downcast, and so am trying to , but am still loosing the datamembers

    Base Class:

    class Vehicle
    	Vehicle(int publicmpg = 0); 
    	int privatempg;  
    Vehicle::Vehicle(int publicmpg) 
    	privatempg = publicmpg; 	

    Derivied Class:

    class SportsCar : public Vehicle
    	SportsCar(int publicsixspeed = 0, int publicmpg = 0);
    	int protectedsixspeed;
    SportsCar::SportsCar(int publicsixspeed, int publicmpg) : Vehicle(publicmpg) 
    	protectedsixspeed = publicsixspeed;

    #include <iostream>
    #include <list>
    #include "Vehicle.h"
    using namespace std;
    int main()
    	list<Vehicle> listname;
    	int publicmpg = 0;
    	int publicsixspeed = 0;
    	int publicelectricroof = 0;
    	SportsCar node(publicmpg, publicsixspeed);
    	SportsCar *ptrToSportsCar;
    	//attempting to correct the problem by Downcasting
    	ptrToSportsCar = dynamic_cast<Vehicle*>(&node);
    	//Push the SportsCar object onto the list, but inhertited datamember 'protectedsixspeed' is lost.
    	listname.push_back( *ptrToSportsCar );
    	system ("PAUSE");
    	return 1;

    Visual studio reports:

    cannot convert from 'Vehicle *' to 'SportsCar *'
    I've just moved house and stuck on dialup, so have read the book I have
    on the subject, and this is what I have come up with after reading it.

    It compiles and is what I can gather from my book
    as to be correct, but seems is not right.

    Could anyone provide a solution at all?

    It would be most appreciated.

    Thank you !

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    The problem is that you are storing Vehicle objects in the std::list. Consequently, trying to store SportsCar objects in the std::list results in type slicing, where the objected stored really is just a Vehicle, not a SportsCar, hence attempts to cast it back to a SportsCar will fail.

    Polymorphism in C++ works via pointers and references, so the solution is to use a container of pointers instead. This can mean using a std::list<Vehicle*>, a std::list<std::tr1::shared_ptr<Vehicle> >, or if you have access to Boost, a boost::ptr_list<Vehicle>.

    Incidentally, it probably makes no sense to actually have Vehicle objects. The Vehicle class should probably be an abstract base class. Whether it is an abstract base class or a concrete class that is also a base class, the fact that it is a base class means that you should declare its destructor virtual since you may attempt to destroy a derived class object through a base class pointer.
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