Thread: NeoPhyte Productions - A Game Development Team

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    NeoPhyte Productions - A Game Development Team

    We are starting up a C++ Game Development Team, called NeoPhyte Productions.

    The team will consist of 12 members. 5 will be programmers, 3 will be music/sound, and 4 will be art. We will have a leader for each that will administrate their section, and they will also do their job. The programmers are to write a list of things they need(music/sound/art), and they will request the others for them.
    The team will meet as much as possible to discuss the project and to split up the jobs. The team members will report to the leader on their progress.

    We will also have teachers for programming, music/sound, and art. We will also have students. The teachers will give at least one class a week on a live chat. The teachers will assign "homework" and they will keep a gradebook. They will report to an Admin or Co-Admin with the grades every 3 weeks. The teachers will also write articles on a topic and the students will be required to read them and to do the exercises at the end. They will then be tested on what they have learned in that week. When their course is over, the students will split up into their own groups, or they may leave NeoPhyte.

    There are currently 3 programmer spots left, 2 music/sound and 4 art spots.

    We need teachers in all spots.

    Email to submit your application.
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    Extra tests and homework!!!!! Sign me up. (that was sarcasm, so don't sign me up)

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    Actually Tests and Homework will help u learn :-P

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