I am very familiar with C++ STL including the containers string and stringstream. When I learned of CString and other MFC data structure and mutator when I began learning MFC from Prosise's book (chapter 6).

I am learning MFC so that I can design and implement Windows 32bit programming using C++. Ultimate, as far as textchar data is concerned, is it perferrable to use CString over C++ STL (string, vector, list, etc.)? Is it possible to have view draw character from a string object instead of a CString object?

Lastly, does the default implementation for serialize work for C++ STL (string, vecto, list, etc.)? Does the STL container have to transfer data to a CString object first?

One last issue involving NULL. Microsoft seems to like using NULL over '0', which Deitel & Deitel recommend (I highly recommend their C++ How to Program). I do not use NULL term at all in my programs. I use '0'. When using core C++ program I have been working on into MFC, is it a necessity to change from '0' to NULL, bool to BOOL, true to TRUE, etc. for *all* code (even non MFC)?