Thread: Switching compilers for C++ for glut.h

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    Question Switching compilers for C++ for glut.h

    As a student programmer, I am used to using VC8. However I understand that has issues with trying to get pure executables and allowing platform-dependent code, etc. Recently I was trained to work with Unix, g++, and OpenGL. Apparently g++ isn't so dependent on specific platforms and files and stuff, and glut.h comes with it.

    My problem is this: Everywhere I looked to download g++ from, the site would expect me to download it onto Linux/Unix. I want to be able to download it onto a computer with Windows XP.

    Is there a way to get that all to work out right? Or is g++ Linux/Unix dependent? If so, what would be a good compiler to get for such purposes instead of g++?


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    There are multiple options for using g++ on Windows. The MinGW port is as close to native as you can get. The cygwin port includes a UNIX-like environment for compiling UNIX programs to run on Windows.

    So, I'd start by looking at MinGW (and of course, Dev-C++, which is MinGW-based and includes an IDE)
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