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    File Converter


    i need some help writing a file converter for game files of the computergame Operation Flashpoint and I thought i'd get some help here. You DON'T have to know anything about the game or the engine or something like that. And yeah there are tools who can do this but I need my own.

    In Operation Flashpoint there are also cpp files(90% the same as c++) which are well kinda parsed or converted(NOT compiled) into bin files.
    I found this: raP File Format - OFP - Bohemia Interactive Community
    about the raP file format (the bin files). I understand what it is about and so on but i have problems realizing it.

    Would be great if someone could help...
    Ah yeah, I post an example file (a cpp file and the 'parsed' version):
    Click me

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    maybe im just speaking for myself, but i dont think anyone (including myself) is going to go through your links and zip files to dig through the code, learn it, and debug it for you.

    it would be much better, i think, if you were to post a snippet of code (in your post, with the code tags) or specific idea/concept you dont understand, say what you have tried or exactly dont understand, any possible solutions, and a concrete question.

    remember, we are here offering our help for free (which is already a lot to ask in todays world). maybe you will get someone who doesnt mind doing all of this investigation for you, but i certainly dont, after writing code all day at work.

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    well my problem is how exactly to start?
    I mean I loaded the bin file into a string. I started with the 8th byte because in the wiki they say:
    A raPified file has the first 4 bytes of the file encoded as follows: "\0raP"
    For OFP and RESISTANCE the next three bytes are "\004\0\0"
    Then they say
    The rest of the file contain Class Body packets of 3 different construct types with the 1st byte defining what 'type' it is.
    struct ClassBody
       byte    PacketType; // 0 Classname
                           // 1 TokenName
                           // 2 Array
       ....... depends on packet type
    if you load the bin file in a hex editor the byte before the class name (for example cfgpatches or ah64) is always another one... or have i understood something wrong?

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