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    Adding a Map to a program


    I've been searchin for the past hour or so for a map that i could implement into a program i'm planning to create. Basically its like a phone book with a map but its specifically for a buisiness with added extras for them but i'm struggleing to find a map that i can work with.

    I looked at Google Maps but it seems that you can only use there Google Maps/Earth on the web rather then use it in a Windows program. I found another one (can't remember the name now) i think it was by Microsoft but it seems that it has the same limitations as Google Maps :/

    The only things i need from the map is the map its self, to be able to add a marker on the map and maybe be able to drag the map but thats not necessery at the moment.

    If anybody can be of any help then i would be extreamly greatful, thanks in advance,

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    i think you can make your program so that it gets the user inputs (address and stuff) an then uses google map to actually locate the place! and the retrieves it!
    to retrieve the information needed! you can (scan the data transferred from google map and represent hem in the way you desire! or just make a simple internal browser and fetch the stuff directly !
    or the easiest way! implement a browser get the input! go to google map! show the stuff! in a new way!
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