Thread: Some Trouble - Switching with strings.

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    Some Trouble - Switching with strings.

    Hi folks,

    I am trying to create a C++ program that will operate a switch statement. I have since found out that I cannot switch with strings as i need to. Each case in the switch will be designed to set a string variable.

    Is there any way to achieve what I am suggesting. I have heard about maps, but i think that they are too complex for the simple task that i am trying to program.

    Regards and thanks in advance,

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    Maybe try doing string comparisons, like...

    string stuff1 = "meh";
    int sw_case = 0;
    if(stuff1 == "meh") sw_case = 0;
    else if(stuff1 == "blah") sw_case = 1;
         case 0:
         case 1:
    Just a quick example of what I'm thinking, I typed it up in the reply window so its obviously not perfect.

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    A map could be more appropriate and not too complicated.

    A major difference is that unlike a switch or an if chain, the map's data won't need to be hard-coded.
    I might be wrong.

    Thank you, anon. You sure know how to recognize different types of trees from quite a long way away.
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    In the old days I've used something like this:

    p = codestring.find( entry ) / 5;
    switch( p )
    This assumes that codestring is a series of 5 character or less codes, like:

    codestring = "one  two  three four";
    Obviously this pseudo code doesn't account for a non-match. For short lists (say 20 or less) it's not much slower than a map.

    It is a naive approach. There is the potential for an odd match. If a key happens to be a subword of another key, for example, it can fail without additional effort.
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    Can you direct me to some resource that teaches how to use maps in this way.


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    I don't see why you'd want to do it... It doesn't really make sense to me. Are you just trying to see if the guy enters something? Either way, this might work.
    #include <iostream>
    #include <string>
    #include <vector>
    int main( void ) {
      std::string searchStr;
      std::vector<std::string> inputOptions;
      std::vector<std::string>::iterator::difference_type pos;
      inputOptions.push_back( "one" );
      inputOptions.push_back( "two" );
      // etc
      std::cout<< "What do you want to switch: ";
      std::cin >> searchStr;
      pos = std::find(inputOptions.begin(),inputOptions.end(),searchStr) - inputOptions.begin();
      switch ( pos ) {
        case 0:
          std::cout<< "First position\n";
        case 1:
          std::cout<< "Second position\n";
          std::cout<< "Not found\n";
      return 0;

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