Thread: Inherite nonvirtual class functionality

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    Inherite nonvirtual class functionality

    Hi, let's see if you can follow this... I have made a virtual class that inherits from another virtual class. The old virtual class had a implementation class that inherited from it that now instead inherits from my new virtual class. The new implementation class made for the new virtual class needs to use some functions from the "old" implementation class that are only defined inside that class and not in the old virtual class.

    How do I set things up so that my new implementation class can use functions from the other implementation class that are not defined in the original virtual class?

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    I do not quite follow you. Mind giving a code example? It is also not clear if the "old" classes are removed, or if they continue to exist.
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    Nevermind, it turns out that I don't need a second implementation class. I can implement the new functionality in the exsting one which means I have access to all its functions. Just kept the new virtual class and adjusted inheritance.

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