Thread: need a piece of advise here

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    need a piece of advise here

    i had this school project that was to make a database for a music store
    ok i did but all the data was saved in huge array
    now i want to modify the program and make it to store everything in text files

    my question is as follows

    im thinking of two ways to do it
    to export the array to the text file each time so i can manipulate more easily the search function lets say OR to store directly everything into the text files??
    what is more easy to implement

    ill be using microsft visual c++ its in console the progam

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    Consider how a text editor edits text

    At the start, you read the text file into memory
    You make a number of changes - add, delete, change
    Occasionally, the user can save the work so far
    At the end, if there has been no save, verify that the user wants to quit.

    All the user data should be in the file, not initialised in your program.

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