Thread: help me pls..... :(

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    help me pls..... :(

    can you help me with my homework.. i find it difficult coz im just a beginner with programming in c++.. pls people.. kindly help me..

    1.) Using arrays write a program with function that takes 2 type integer array input arguments and their effective size and produces a result array containing the absolute difference between corresponding elements. in example, for 3 element input arrays 5, -1, 7 and 2, 4, -2 the result would be an array containing 3, 5, and 9. (we get the answer by 5 - 2 = 3; -1 - 4 = 5; 7- (-2) = 9... we have all positive values because we get the absolute value of the differences.

    2.) Using structures, write a program dealing with this situation:
    when playing a poker is is usual to arrange a hand to reflect its value. write a program that arranges and prints out a hand of 5 cards in sorted order by pips value. ace being the highest, next is king, queen, jack 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2.

    anyone who knows how to do this.. pls help me ... im begging... pls... email me at if you know the answer.. pls help me.. pls....

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    Have you even tried to solve the problem on your own? That's the purpose of homework, to teach you how to solve problems and learn for yourself.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Post Sieriously!

    Ur on entirely the wrong track, hell with that attitude u minewell throw it all out and being in HTML,JavaScript, and be amazed by VB's "Power".

    Now im NOT saying u should do that, im saying u need to get into a new mindset. Everything isn't going to be done for u and explained, u need the think about it! How can I do this? If you have a specific question on something, im suere the C/C++/ASM Community @ would be happy to help, and if u would like I would be happy 2 tutor u.


    P.S. Contact me:
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