i am taking Vc++ , and buy some books for beginer. However, these books are seriously bad because they write for people who are expertise.

I just want to ask you guys/gals have any experience with good books for beginner and recommand for me or any beginner .

for example: the books must explain all the commands, how they work, and when use these commands in a program.

most of the books just jump in and do this, do that in their example, else i don't know when to use for my own writing program ( even though in a simple program.)

As I found this website for tutor, but the way of this author is like the other.

In class, I can use

int something; // as declare a variable

// and

double something; // same function

// these commands can run well, but I don't understand what is true meaning of "int" and "double" .

int = integer
double = double float ( but what is "float" )

it's very confuse, and I feel like the books are meaning less if they just write whole bun of confuse words.

I think you guys get pain in the head when reading the whole page of my.


thank for patient