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    bulletproofing question

    The cin command is problematic, because there is no
    checking for variable type. If you specify an integer and
    the user inputs a character, you get garbage. The
    solution seems to be to use gets() and then atoi(), but
    I'm not sure how to do that with two-digit numbers. Any

    For a simple yes/no or menu input function, it seems to be
    enough to define a char array of no specified length,
    gets() the char array, then do something like this:

    while (strlen(charArray) > 2 || charArray[0] != 'y'
    && charArray[0] != 'n')
    cout << "Pl

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    Search the board, this was from a day or two ago.

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    Well you can use cin but after accepting it . You can get the ascii value of it and determine whether it is a number or not. This way you can eliminate everything else other than that is numeric.

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    or perhaps you could use scanf or just DIY formatting [which i don't recommend, but it is an option in case you have special formatting]
    hasafraggin shizigishin oppashigger...

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    in the MSVC cin class, I use:

    int x;
    if({return 0; /* or make a loop or some other stuff */}

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